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ProArt Wall Mural Catalogue

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ProArt Wall Mural Item Codes

Use the catalogue above and the quick reference to the item codes below when ordering your wall mural.

ProArt Full Wall Murals

ANGPA001 Angel Red
AQMOPA001 Aqua Mosaic
AUPA001 Autumn Leaves
AUSFLPA001 Aussie Flag
AVMPA001 Avast me hearties!
BBALLPA001 Street Ball
BHGPA001 Brown Horses
BIRPA001 Big Rig
BLBPA001 Black Beauty
BLMPA001 Blue Mood
BLOPA001 Blossoms
BLOPA001 Blossoms
BLSKPA001 Blu Skies
BMXPA001 Freestyler
BPPA001 Bamboo Path
BRKPA001 Brooke's Tree
BRPA001 Butterfly Roses
BSTPA001 Blu Stripes
BTPA001 Bike Tricks
CASPA001 Cast Away
CHAPA001 Charli
CHDPA001 Chrome Dream
CHELSPA001 Chelsea
CHFPA001 Charming Fairy
CHICPA001 Chic
CLAPA001 Classic
CLCRPA001 Classic Crème
CLFPA001 Classic Floral
CPTPA001 Captain Crab
CRBRPA001 Crazy Brown
CSPA001 Castle in the Sky
DANCPA001 Dance with me
DAWPA001 Drift Away
DEPA001 Deserted Island
DFPA001 Dino Fight
DIPA001 Dinosaur Friends
DRPA001 Dragons
DSPA001 Dino Sunset
ENPA001 Enchant
ENTJPA001 Enter the Jungle
FAMTRPA001 Family Tree - Brown
FAMTRPA002 Family Tree - Green
FAMTRPA003 Family Tree - Quote
FAPA001 Farm Friends
FFPA001 Forrest
FOOPA001 Family of Owls
FRANPA001 Frangapanni
FTUPA001 Fall Tunnel
GDPA001 Golfers Dream
GFRPA001 Grunge Fairy
GLOPA001 Giant Lollipop
GPPA001 Garden Path
GRFPA001 Graffitti Art
GRHPA001 Green Heart
GREPA001 Green Leaves
GRPA001 Green Tree
GUITPA001 Guitar Room
IBPA001 I Believe
IJPA001 In the Jungle
INPA001 Insects
INSPPA001 Inspired
JFPA001 Jungle Friends
JPRPA001 Jungle Party
KEIPA001 Keira Lee
LASPA001 Lost at Sea
LDPA001 Let's Dance
LDPA002 Let's Dance Two
LFSPA001 Leaf Spray
MELPA001 Melissa Lee
MERPA001 Mermaids
MGPA001 Magic Happens
MTPA001 Magic Tree
MOBUPA001 Monkey Business
MTRPA001 Muscle Truck
NAPA001 Noahs ark
NBEPA001 Nature's Beauty
NISPA001 Nitro Street
NSPA001 Neutral Spring
OCBPA001 Ocean Beauty
OSPA001 Outer Space
OUPA001 Our Planet
OUTFPA001 Out on the farm
PBLPA001 Pink Blossom
PEPA001 Planet Earth
PINPA001 Pink
PIRSPA001 Pirate Ship
PLAPA001 Planets
PLUMPA001 Plumeria
POPPA001 Poppy
PPA001 Pink Tree
PROPPA001 Pretty Orchid
PRINPA001 Pretty in Pink
PUPA001 Purple Tree
PWOPA001 Pink Wonder
PWPA001 Perfect Wave
RBPA001 Rainbow
REROPA001 Red Roses
RJPA001 Reflection Jetty
RJPPA001 Reflection Jetty Pink
SBPA001 Spot Blue
SWBPA001 Sweet Birdie
SFPA001 Swim with the Fishies
SHGPA001 Shades of Green
SHIPA001 Shipwrecked
SHLBPA001 Shanghai Lights BW
SHLPA001 Shanghai Lights
SKFLPA001 Sky Flyer
SKYPA001 Sky's the Limit
SNTUPA001 Snow Tunnel
SOCCPA001 Soccer
SPACPA001 Spaceman
SPACPA002 Spacemen and rocketships
SPPA001 Space
SPTSPA001 Spots Blu
SPTSPA002 Spots Pink
STRSPA001 Stripes Assorted Green
STRSPA002 Stripes Assorted Brown
STRSPA003 Stripes Assorted Purple
STRSPA004 Stripes Assorted Big Green
STRSPA005 Stripes Assorted Big Blue
STRSPA006 Stripes Assorted Big Purple
STRSPA007 Stripes Assorted Pink
SUBTPA001 Subtle Moments
SUNPA001 Sunflowers
SUPA001 Surf
TEHPA001 Teahupoo
THBAPA001 The Baby
THDRPA001 The Dream
THROPA001 The Royal
TLPA001 Train Line
TRASPA001 Transport Pals
TRCPA001 Tree Colours
TRHEPA01 Tree of Hearts
TTGPA001 Tree Tops
TTGPA002 Tree Tops Sepia
TWHISPA001 The Whisler
ULTPA001 Ultimate Ride
V8PA001 V8 Muscle
V8POPA001 V8 Power
WHIPLPA001 Whiplash
WHPA001 Whale of a Time
WMPA001 World Map
WSPA001 White Sandy Beach
XCPA001 Xtreme Colour
YELLPA001 Yellow Path
ZEBPA001 Zebra

ProArt Half Wall Murals

ALPHPAH001 Alphabet Blue
ALPHPAH002 Alphabet Pink
ATUPAH001 A Turtles Life
BHGPAH001 All the Brown horses
BICAPAH001 Bird cage
BMXPAH001 Freestyler Half
CHERPAH001 Cherry Blossom
ELGBPAH001 Elegant Blossom
FREPAH001 Freedom
HFPAH001 Herd in Field
HOOPAH001 Hoot Hoot Purple
HOOPAH002 Hoot Hoot Blue
LFTPAH001 Left Alone
LUFPAH001 Love you Forever
MLPAH001 Mirror Lake
NUFPAH001 Nursery Friends
PASTPAH001 Pastel Pals
PLUMPAH001 Plumeria
POBPAH001 Polar Bears
PWOPAH001 Wonder Pink
PWOPAH002 Wonder Aqua
PWOPAH003 Wonder Pink BW
PWOPAH004 Wonder Red BW
PWOPAH005 Wonder Purple
RBPAH001 Rainbow Colours
SECPAH001 Sea Colours
SESPAH001 Sea Shells
SEVPAH001 Sea View
TAEXPAH001 Tahiti Extreme
TAYPAH001 Taylah Joy
MOTOXPAH002 Hooking in  

ProArt Mini Murals (Poster Sized)

TOYGMINI Toy Shelf Girl
TOYBMINI Toy Shelf Boy
CAOMINI Call of the Wild
FDMINI Family Dreams
HLMINI Home Love
ILMINI I love you
GBHMINI Green Bird House
PBHMINI Pink Bird House
LIOMINI King of Lions
NTFMINI Nature's Finest
LILMINI Lion Pride
BLNMINI Blue Nebula
DRLMINI Drinking Lion
HVMINI Hidden Valley
SNDMINI Sit and Dream
TSDMINI Tuscan Door
LOBMINI Lonely Beach
NYDMINI New York at Dusk 
PLMINI Penguin Love
EIFMINI Eiffel Tower
ORGMINI Orangutan
FAMINI Family 
DRELMINI Drinking Elephant
FALMINI Fairy Land
WAFMINI Waterfall
HWKMINI Highway King
MWMINI Magic Wood
DREMINI Dreaming
UNFMINI Unicorn Friend
WATMINI Waterfall Beauty
ALPMINI Alphabet 
GKMINI Giraffe Kiss
RFOMINI Rainforest
AUSMINI Aussie Map

ProArt Door Murals

DANPD001 Dance
DMPD001 Dark Moon
JUPD001 In the Jungle
SBPD001 Sweet Birdie
JWPD001 Jungle Watch
SSPD001 Serious Snow
FRPD001 Frogs
NAPD001 Noah's Ark
SEPD001 Whale of a Time
HTPD001 Heart Tree
ANPD001 Animals
ELPD001 Elephants
HRPD001 Hotrod
CIPD001 Cut it up
ELFPD001 Elephant Friend
RHPD001 Running Horse
SHPD001 Stable Horse
GHPD001 Grazing Horse
TSFPD001 Freestyle - Tsunami
FNPD001 Fantasy
IBPD001 I do believe
FLPD001 Flaming Rock
RCPD001 Rock Chick
RFOPD001 Rainforest
GFPD001 Grunge Fatboy
CLTPD001 Climb the Beanstalk
MOTOPD001 Moto X
WFPD001 Waterfall
FOWPD001 Forrest Waterfall
CHETPD001 Chettah
SKDPD001 Sketch Dragon
WHIPD001 Whiplash
WHIPD002 Leading the pack
WHIPD003 Focused
WHISPD001 Whisler
SSPUPD001 Silhoette Surf

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About Wall Murals

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They come in a variety of sizes. (Please click on individual murals to see sizes available.) 

The wallpaper is pre-pasted, which means no messy glues are needed. You use water to activate the glue to install and you apply water again to activate the same glue to remove it. 

The product is very gentle on surfaces and it is designed to be removed. Made in Australia, our pre-pasted wall paper is tough, durable and easy to install is PVC-free and odourless, printed using environmentally friendly printers and materials. We can also create Custom Murals, and this includes commercial and business premises, too. 

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